Frame size chart for kids bikes

This chart will recommend a Kids bike frame size based on age and height measurement.
Kids Bike Size Chart

Measuring Your Height H

Take off your shoes. Remove anything from your head. Stand against the wall. Put a book to the top of your head. Mark the place on the wall where the bottom of the box is resting. Measure from the floor to the pencil mark with a measuring tape.

Frame Measurement D

This is the outer diameter of the existing tire. Kids bikes' frame sizing is generally measured in inches (in).

Height (ft&in) Height (cm) Age (yrs) Wheel Diameter (in)
2'10"-3'7" 85-110 2-5 Balance Bike
2'10"-3'4" 85-100 2-4 12
3'1"-3'7" 95-110 3-5 14
3'7"-4'0" 110-120 5-7 16
4'0"-4'5" 120-135 7-9 20
4'5"-4'9" 135-145 9-11 24
4'9"+ 145+ 11+ 26
Consult bicycle shop for a professional fitting!
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